Sunday, July 31, 2011

I have my own home!

Yesterday I signed a 12-month lease on my very own apartment.  This will be the first place that is all my own; no sharing!  SO, I have to share pictures. :)
1. My very own front door!
 2. The foyer.
 3. Peeking in to the living room from the foyer.
 4. Looking though the living room, kitchen, and the back is the bedroom.
 5. Living room.
 6. Bedroom.
 7. In the bedroom, looking back the other way.
 8. Teeny, tiny kitchen.  But it's all mine!
That's it, folks.  If you have some time and are willing to help me paint, I will give thanks in the form of food and endless appreciation. :)  Let me know.  I'll be tackling it this week!


  1. What the?! How did this happen?/I'm so freakin jealous that you get to live on your own!!! Hey, if you're tackling any of this tomorrow night, I may be able to come help. Let me know!!

  2. It came together quickly and suddenly, and I am insanely excited. Tomorrow night I'll be nailing down paint colors. Want to come by, have a look and lend opinions? I'd appreciate it, AND I'd get to see you!