Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Just wow...

So, Friday was my last day at USU-Orem. Sad. And today I was informed that the Pearson Test center where I work is being consolidated with another center.

Seriously. I lost 2 jobs this month due to downsizing. And there were the two that I live on. If I had time to get funding together, it wouldn't be so bad, since I'd be leaving for London anyway.

I'm doing that laughing-hyperventilating thing right now. If you have any words of wisdom to share that aren't trite, simplistic, or otherwise annoying, please feel free to share.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Updating and other boringness

I applied for deferment from SOAS and it was approved on Monday. I was offered housing, but of course had to turn it down since I won't actually be going to SOAS this fall. Next fall, though. I have a place for next fall.

In other sad news, one of my jobs (I have 5 PT jobs that I juggle) is downsizing. Even though this job is only one of my 5 and also my lowest-paying, it is also my most stable job. And next Friday will be my last day, so I'm frantically engaged in yet another job hunt. Nice.

And my car is breaking. Things are sad for me. :\