Sunday, September 1, 2013

Why do they need titles?

Sure, it's been scary. I've had two interviews for a full-time job, and was told I'd here from them again next week. In the meantime, I can cover my expenses this month, even though I've been laid off of my two stable jobs, and I hope that gives me enough time to find and get into another job. Fingers crossed for a full-time job. This one even has dental. I'd feel like such a grown-up. :)

As much as I hate having to wait to start my adventure, there are certainly good things about it. I'm daunted at the task of acquiring 9000 pounds in the next 12 months (which is the amount I need to be approved for the student visa... which comes out to just under $16,000), but if I can get this job, and also continue working nights and weekends at my other, crazy, part-time jobs, I think it's doable. Also, I'll need to not visit anyone or do anything too fun. Still, it's possible.

Staying here another year means that I can have a hefty nest egg when I leave. It means that I'll be here for my bestie's wedding (Xan). While we've said for years that we love each other too much to make the other serve as a bridesmaid (we think it's the meanest thing you can do to your friends), she's done it anyway, but I don't mind. :) Staying here also means that I'll be around for my 10-year college reunion. I'm pretty sure I'm about the only one left without a baby, but lucky for me, I don't actually want any. Still, I have a feeling the reunion will be a bit like visiting a toddler playgroup. Since I live in Utah, it won't be that dissimilar from any other social events I attend, but of course the women who attended my Alma Mater are insanely fantastic, and I'm glad I'll have the chance to see them again.

Also, Xan and her to-be will be (temporarily) adopting Harold and Kallista Lou, because they are awesome like that. And of course, by temporarily, I mean for the 3-4 years I'll be working on my dissertation. I've outlined three distinct areas of research, and have already started hunting down articles for the first section, which will be exploring heavy/light syllables in Punjabi to see if it's morae that trigger tone (as I suspect it is).

Okay, geek-out over. I know nobody knows/cares what I'm talking about there. Suffice it to say, it's interesting and exciting to me! And waiting one year isn't SO bad. As long as I can find articles and get going on my research. It was all way too fast to get it together for this year, and while it was disappointing, it'll be fine. Better, even.