Saturday, June 25, 2011

Passive Aggressive driving makes me happy.

Today I got honked at for stopping at a red light. I was in a right turn lane, but still. I'm all about turning right on red and everything, but before I do so, I think it is important to stop and LOOK before proceeding into the intersection. Call me crazy.

Unfortunately the DB behind me didn't think his actions through all the way. Because we were turning onto a curvy 2-lane road with a 30-mph speed limit, which most people take at 50-mph. Oh yeah. I know. I'm an ass. I went the speed limit. Mwahahahaa!

Every time I looked in the rearview, he was flipping me off. So, about 2 blocks from my house, I breezed through an orange light, and he had to stop. I flipped him a peace sign and made my way home, smiling all the way. That's what you get, douche canoe. That's what you get!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I was mean on purpose.

Which means I must be feeling better. :) I'll tell you the story.

I'm LDS. And I'm liberal. VERY liberal. I'm happy that way. I have no problem getting along with conservatives. In fact, both of my parents are conservatives (Mom and Dad shout-out!) I sometimes joke that I think one of my Dad's great disappointments in life is that his kids lean so far left. Oh well.

I joined this facebook group called LDS Left. I'm happy there. When sitting in Utah Suburbia, it's hard to remember that I'm not the only liberal mormon in the world. Still, I have had many conversations with other mormons, and I think they can be fine, even good, as long as both parties decide to respect each other and not mudsling, or call intelligence or righteousness into question. Because that's just rude and unproductive.

I noticed awhile back that this girl had joined the group who was clearly not left-leaning. Fine. Whatever. Maybe she's curious or interested in expanding her understanding of the other side? Nope. She was there to pick fights. And that's what she did. And the really unfortunate thing is that she is not terribly well-informed. Poor thing. She never stood a chance. Don't enter the den of the other side and start picking fights unless you're prepared to be devoured.

And I did. I watched other people fight with her. Back and forth. Back and forth. I saw her impugn other's intelligence, church worthiness, etc. And this morning I just got sick of it. I told her in no uncertain terms that we did not agree with her politics. Period. She was wasting her time and her breath because she would get no conservative converts out of us. And that she was a self-righteous twit.

She said she'd pray for me. I laughed and responded with "Sweet! :)" She won't talk to me anymore. I wonder why. ;)

I am SUCH a bitch. And I love it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Food, Inc.

I just watched it. I knew all about it already. I knew about the horrors of the food system. I had read all about it.

And then today I saw it. I feel sick to my stomach. I'm pretty sure that was the point. I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to eat again.

I need more money so I can eat more organic food. That's what it comes down to.

How can knowledge not turn people into activists? Who can, with even partial knowledge of the system and its many alarming and dangerous practices, can be complacent about what they put in their mouths? Or in their children's mouths?

A few years ago, I went on my first kick: I started reading Michael Pollan, and also read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barabara Kingsolver. To this day, I number it as one of the ten most influential books I've read in my life.

I have a deep thirst for knowledge, and not just the easy-to-digest type. I want to know things that will make me uncomfortable and will make me question my view, not just insulation that will reinforce my opinions and make me feel warm and fuzzy. I want truth like water from a fire hose. Ignorance is not bliss. Not to me. I don't want to be complacent.

What I really want is a small farm. So I can grow my own food and sustain my family without relying on the system. Yup. I want to be a hippie.

Friday, June 17, 2011


So, I've been running 3-4x per week for almost six months now. When I started, it was January: 2 degrees, wind chill, icy roads, etc. I was VERY well bundled. The only thing exposed to the light of day was my face, and sometimes not even all of it. Now though, it is into the 50s when I go out, so I'm wearing a lot less. Lately, I've been going out in capri running pants and a racer-back tank.

And I've gotten a lot of color. It's nice not being confused for a vampire. Although. I just had a close look at my shoulders. Apparently they are not tanning. They are spotting. My shoulders are getting totally covered in freckles.

I've never been a freckley person, at least not that I can recall. Maybe if I keep getting sun, the freckles will blend together? Is that wishful thinking?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What a day.

5.5 miles. Ugh. Only 1/2 mile away from the 10k goal. Much like my last long run, it was comfortable and fun until the last mile. Still, it's done and tomorrow is a rest day! Yay!

I was out of spinach this morning... so I used green leaf lettuce. Not as good, actually. Luckily, my favorite store ever had spinach on sale, so I bought a bunch. I am set for green monsters for a week (or so I hope). And probably salads, too. I've been making tuna salad with balsamic vinaigrette and tomatoes (no mayo), then plopping a dollop onto a bed of spinach, another dollop of cottage cheese, and more balsamic over the whole thing. MMM!

Why all of the spinach? Well, as you may or may not remember, I have no gall bladder. Most lettuces rip up my stomach. But spinach is pretty mild on it, so I eat a lot of it. :)

This evening I went to a concert-thing in some park in town. The band was... well, there was a band. I think that's about all I can say about it while being polite. Also, AC/DC is sacred. No touchy. I'm afraid Back in Black has been ruined for me. It was as bad as that one video of Miley Cyrus doing a cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit. Did anyone else see that? Be warned. Your ears may bleed.

So, this band was like that. But with country, classic rock, 80s stuff... it was random. It was like... if my ipod was some how out of tune, and my full music list was on shuffle. Too much. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video. :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Green Monster.

My FAVORITE new breakfast lately is the Green Monster. It's amazing! It is a fat-free, sugar-free bit of deliciousness. There are many recipes for them, but they're essentially 2 cups of spinach, 1 banana, and 1 cup of milk, blended with ice. I add ground flax seed. And of course you can dress it up. Today a put in a few tablespoons of strawberry yogurt. Or you can add blueberries. Or Melon. Or whatever! And it tastes WAY better than it sounds.

Also, I'm 1 week from being done with my 10k training. Huh. That snuck up on me. 4 miles today. I lost steam after the 3rd mile. I think I need to start eating before I run, despite my previous experiences with that. I think if I have a piece of fruit or something, I can hold that down and it'll help with me having fuel to finish the run. Also, since I'm starting to do longer distaces, I need to look into one of those running water belts. And Xan has graciously loaned me her mountain bike so I can start cycling. Eventually I'd like to get a road bike, but this'll definitely do for now.

I also need to determine the best/most cost effective way to track my stats. I need to get a new ipod, as mine works, but you can't navigate anymore, so that's a waste of time. I've been running in silence - just me and my thoughts. Scary. So, I can get a new ipod and a tracking app. OR I can get a garmin watch, which would track my vitals, but still have no music.
I know there are times that the music helps me to keep going, but most of the time I'm fine without it. Plus I haven't yet put together a running playlist that really works for me, so I'm hitting the next button a lot, which is irritating. Grrr. I'm not making any decisions any time soon. Right now I'm just gonna keep running. :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Medic Alert

So, I need to have a Medic Alert bracelet. BUT I HATE jewelry. I never wear bracelets. Not even watches. So, you say, they have necklaces! Well, I don't wear those, either. In fact, when I dress up, it's likely that my only jewelry will be earrings.

But, I need a Medic Alert tag. So, I was on the phone with my dear Mom and we were discussing the possibilities. There are very cheap options out there, but they have nickel in them. And I am quite allergic to nickel.

So.... what about a Medic Alert tattoo? Just something small, inconspicuous, on the inside of my left wrist? Just a little Medic symbol and the name of my offending medication? Thoughts? I will be on this medication for the rest of my life, as far as my doctors and I can tell. So...

Saturday, June 4, 2011


The other night I went with Xan to see the new Jane Eyre. I LOVE Jane Eyre. I have seen 4 adaptations of the book, and this one was, hands down, the best. Other versions, much as I love them, are not true to the book. They leave out important characters or do other awkward things which make me sad. I don't have any idea how they did it, but this version was true to the novel without being five hours long. I loved it.

I love the novel. It was my very first classic novel, and Mr. Rochester was my first love. Don't get me wrong, I know he's a jerk. A big jerk. As is Heathcliff, but my affection does not extend to him. I have kind feelings towards Darcy, Wentworth, and Knightly...but my heart belongs to Rochester. Colonel Brandon, Edward Ferrars, and Edmund Bertram are nice guys, but too much milquetoast for me. Nope. Rochester ruined me. And the result is that I love jerks to this day.

It's a problem, and it's Charlotte Bronte's fault.