Monday, June 13, 2011

Green Monster.

My FAVORITE new breakfast lately is the Green Monster. It's amazing! It is a fat-free, sugar-free bit of deliciousness. There are many recipes for them, but they're essentially 2 cups of spinach, 1 banana, and 1 cup of milk, blended with ice. I add ground flax seed. And of course you can dress it up. Today a put in a few tablespoons of strawberry yogurt. Or you can add blueberries. Or Melon. Or whatever! And it tastes WAY better than it sounds.

Also, I'm 1 week from being done with my 10k training. Huh. That snuck up on me. 4 miles today. I lost steam after the 3rd mile. I think I need to start eating before I run, despite my previous experiences with that. I think if I have a piece of fruit or something, I can hold that down and it'll help with me having fuel to finish the run. Also, since I'm starting to do longer distaces, I need to look into one of those running water belts. And Xan has graciously loaned me her mountain bike so I can start cycling. Eventually I'd like to get a road bike, but this'll definitely do for now.

I also need to determine the best/most cost effective way to track my stats. I need to get a new ipod, as mine works, but you can't navigate anymore, so that's a waste of time. I've been running in silence - just me and my thoughts. Scary. So, I can get a new ipod and a tracking app. OR I can get a garmin watch, which would track my vitals, but still have no music.
I know there are times that the music helps me to keep going, but most of the time I'm fine without it. Plus I haven't yet put together a running playlist that really works for me, so I'm hitting the next button a lot, which is irritating. Grrr. I'm not making any decisions any time soon. Right now I'm just gonna keep running. :)

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