Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Medic Alert

So, I need to have a Medic Alert bracelet. BUT I HATE jewelry. I never wear bracelets. Not even watches. So, you say, they have necklaces! Well, I don't wear those, either. In fact, when I dress up, it's likely that my only jewelry will be earrings.

But, I need a Medic Alert tag. So, I was on the phone with my dear Mom and we were discussing the possibilities. There are very cheap options out there, but they have nickel in them. And I am quite allergic to nickel.

So.... what about a Medic Alert tattoo? Just something small, inconspicuous, on the inside of my left wrist? Just a little Medic symbol and the name of my offending medication? Thoughts? I will be on this medication for the rest of my life, as far as my doctors and I can tell. So...


  1. The only think I would worry about is that people wouldn't notice it and just think it was a tattoo instead of an alert.

  2. Apparently it's not too unheard-of. I did a google search and found a bunch of them.