Friday, June 17, 2011


So, I've been running 3-4x per week for almost six months now. When I started, it was January: 2 degrees, wind chill, icy roads, etc. I was VERY well bundled. The only thing exposed to the light of day was my face, and sometimes not even all of it. Now though, it is into the 50s when I go out, so I'm wearing a lot less. Lately, I've been going out in capri running pants and a racer-back tank.

And I've gotten a lot of color. It's nice not being confused for a vampire. Although. I just had a close look at my shoulders. Apparently they are not tanning. They are spotting. My shoulders are getting totally covered in freckles.

I've never been a freckley person, at least not that I can recall. Maybe if I keep getting sun, the freckles will blend together? Is that wishful thinking?


  1. Oh....welcome to my world. I never tan above my perma-farmer line on my arms. But my shoulders are so stinking freckly it's weird. I can even burn to a CRISP, and I go straight from hot-pink to freckles. But I NEVER tan. Ever.

    Sorry. Probably not what you wanted to hear.

  2. No, I understand. I never tanned in my life before last year. Somehow I was in India all summer without burning. Normally, I burn lobster red after 20 minutes outside, so this tanning-while-running thing is quite divergent from the norm.
    The freckles, though, are new.