Monday, July 25, 2011

New beginnings. :)

For 2 of my 4 years as an undergrad, I lived alone.  The other two years (1 and 3), I had roommates.  One was a total nightmare.  Afterwards, when I lived in PA, I had a basement bed/bath in the home of my employers.  Very nice, but right below the family room, and so often loud as well.

I have been in Utah for 4 years.  I have lived in 4 houses and had over 10 roommates, more than half of which have also been total nightmares.  Two have been good.  This whole time, I have longed to live alone.  In truth, I don't do well with people.  I don't like noises or smells or comings and goings at odd hours.  I really think that God just made me naturally misanthropic.

Really.  I'm very introverted.  I can enjoy spending time with people, as long as nothing unexpected happens.  If we're on familiar turf and there's mostly familiar people and familiar activities, I'm good.  I do enjoy adventures, but not unexpected ones.  For instance, I'm so used to my notoriously bad travel karma, that now, when I see my flights have been cancelled or my luggage has ended up in the wrong country, I take it in stride.  I used to melt into a puddle of tears.  I'm great at change, as long as it's known well in advance.

To continue, I don't do well with most other people.  I am not a night person.  I am not a clean-the-dishes-later person.  I am a structured, clean, creature-of-habit type person.  Most of my roomies, even the great ones, have been much more free-spirited, and as much as I love them, I tend to get very stressed when things are so up in the air.

My friends, family, and blog-stalkers, the days of roommate dwelling have come to an end.  At least for now.  I was approved for, and am making arrangements to sign for an adorable 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment of my very own.  I'm even allowed to paint.  :)

It's an older, adorable home with hardwood floors and high ceilings.  It's cozy and quiet and I am so freaking excited.  I've been perusing dinette sets and area rugs online since I saw the place on Friday.  Today I got the final word - I am in. :)  I will post before-and-after pictures once I get settled. 

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  1. YAY! I love decorating, and even more I love NOT having roommates! Super happy for you. Can't wait to see what you do with it!