Thursday, July 21, 2011

Almost through it...

So, much has happened, but I didn't want to update the blog and jinx it, you know?  I was remarkably calm all weekend.  After all, there's nothing you can do on the weekend, anyway.  I didn't hear anything on Monday, but I wasn't really expecting to, as it was FA's first full day with my paperwork.  Tuesday I heard from everyone.  All three departments.  AND they finally got to talking to each other.  I was told from GS and FS (Financial Services, not FA - Financial Aid) that I needed a statement from FA stating that the Grad Plus loan was forthcoming, so I spent Tuesday trying to get that.  I also needed to file a petition with FS explaining the administrative error which lead to this whole situation.  NO PROBLEM!!!

So on Wednesday FA contacted FS and provided the confirmation.  I went in and filed my petition.  And all the crazy dominos started falling in to place. :)  My schedule was restored by FS.  My full-time status was restored by GS.  And so my Grad Plus loan was able to be processed.  I approved the paperwork this morning.  It's happening, folks. :)  I have been working on this since May, and it's finally happening.  Yay!

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