Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Still Working...

Okay.  Here's the skinny:

On friday (late, as in after the offices closed, so I couldn't email him back and continue to nag), I finally FINALLY heard from my counselor.  He didn't answer ANY of my questions.  All he said was that he'd sent my loan information on to someone else for processing.  No name or information.  Grrr.  Also, the Graduate Studies secretary called me to check up on my situation and to inform me that I don't have until the 31st after all.  Wait, you're gonna laugh when I tell you: I actually have until the 25th.  But WAIT!  Campus is closed the 25th for the dumb-ass Pioneer day... so I actually have until this FRIDAY!!!

How can you not laugh at the crazy?  Wait!  I'm not done...

I didn't hear anything over the weekend or yesterday, but today I heard from GS.  GS has been in contact with FA (financial aid) about my situation, and it comes down to this: there are three departments involved and none of them can move until someone else does.  Allow me to elaborate:

In order to have continuing student status, I need my deleted credit hour to be restored.  In order for the credit hour to be restored, I need to pay back the short-term loan and have the Grad Plus loan be processed.  In order to be eligible for the Grad Plus loan, I need to be a full-time student.  Which I can't be unless my credit hour is restored.

And I have until Friday to do it.  Geez Louise.  So, I have in hand a petition to restore my credit hour, but it will do me no good until I get a statement from FA stating that the Grad Plus loan is forthcoming.  So I'm trying to track down whoever FA counselor shipped my loan application off to.

Who knew the worst part of grad school WOULDN'T be the thesis???


  1. Your FA counselor should seriously lose his job. Can you file a formal complaint? It's pretty much all his fault for simply not doing his job.

  2. I know, but he's been really good these past two weeks. He's finally made it into my corner. And I'm so grateful that it's finally working out that I just don't have the energy to be mad at him anymore. :)