Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Paint Party.

This coming Saturday, I am organizing a Painting Party at my new place in order to rid it of the neon colors that currently adorn the walls.  I'm excited.  I've washed all the baseboards, swept the ceilings and taped off one room.  I spent a good portion of yesterday cleaning, as the most recent inhabitants were a young couple who have clearly not yet learned how to scrub.  Or sweep.  Let's just say that my house was gross.  And now it's not.  Except for the bathroom.  I'm not looking forward to tackling that.  All the other rooms, though, now smell like chemical cleaning product.  It's a wonderful thing.

Anyway, for my local friends who read this blog, if you have a bit of time on Saturday and could lend a hand in exchange for free lunch and a definite invite to my housewarming party, which will feature baked goods prepared by yours truly, let me know and I'll get you my new address. :)

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