Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Post-Painting Party Pictures. Alliteration, what?

Hey all.   I have just about finished painting.  Last Saturday, several awesome friends came to my new place to help me paint.  On Monday I did some more painting on my own and Tuesday I bought white paint to do trimming touchups.  I must say, I am loving it.  I have also had 4 new pieces of furniture delivered, which I have assembled: 2 new bookcases (the ones I have will not survive another move), a baker's rack for the kitchen, and a dinette set with a table and 2 stools. :)
So, once again, in better colors:
My foyer.
 Detail on my painted shelves.
 Looking through from the front to the back.
 The flash makes this look brighter than it is.  It's a bittersweet color.  And you can see my table and stools.
 I painted the inside of both arches blue. :)
 Tiny, but cute kitchen.
 And back the other way.  That's also my baker's rack.
 Bedroom and bookcase.
 That tiny door hides a standard-sized ironing board.  So cute!!!
 From the back to the front of the house.
 And of course, nothing would be right in my life without green. :)
There it is, folks.  I am super happy.  I'm going away this weekend, and so won't be moving my stuff in until next week - Thursday night or Saturday morning, depending on some things.

ALSO: my mom is coming to visit!  Yay!!!!


  1. Oh my heavens, it looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love it!!!!! YAY!!!!! Dude, I'm so impressed that it's already done! Did you find the coordinating colors, or did you just go for it with the ones we picked?

  2. I went with the #4 red in the bedroom and living room, and the colors we picked in the foyer and bathroom. In the daylight, yellow #3 was the best, so that's what I went with. :)