Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Note to Self: Do not eat before running. Seriously.

It's freakin' cold right now. FREAKIN COLD. I waited until 10am to run. It was still only 2 degrees, after factoring in windchill. I couldn't feel my legs by the time I got home. Also, since I went out so late, I made the mistake of eating breakfast before I left. I ended up voiding said breakfast in front of someone's house. Ooops.

This is a big week in my schedule. The plan is very slow and methodical, and it's really working for me. We've gone from running 60 seconds to 90 seconds to 3 minutes to 5 minutes to 8 minutes. In two days, I'm to run for 20 consecutive minutes. It's a big jump. I'm nervous. But each step up to this point has made me nervous, and I haven't failed yet. I have succeeded. And each step has been a huge victory for me.

So wish me luck for my next run. Mind over matter, right?

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  1. You inspire me. And you also make me laugh out loud. I love you.