Monday, January 24, 2011

Still winning. :D

Today I started Week 4 of my very slow training. For as slow as I know it is, I still find the beginning of each week intimidating. I have been having a lot of knee and lower back pain and after reading a lot of advice online, I decided to go and get fitted for proper running shoes. I went to the Salt Lake Running Company and was videotaped while running. I pronate. A lot. So, I tried on stability shoes, ran around, jumped up and down, and bought a pair. You may think that I succumbed to capitalism or some crazy societal ridiculousness, but I'll tell you this: my knees don't hurt anymore. It's like magic.

This is the first week where we run more than we walk. I ran for 16 minutes. Not all together. But I did. At the start of this program, I looked ahead and was scared by what I saw. Today for the first time in who knows how long, I ran 5 mins without stopping. Twice. When I finished my last 5 min run, I broke into a huge grin. I'm still grinning, to tell you the truth. I know it's small potatoes for some people. Some people find the idea of training for a measly 5k to be ridiculous, but those people don't have broken lungs. Some people can run for 5 mins without breaking a sweat. For me, it is a major accomplishment, and I am so proud of myself. I'm so excited by what my body can do now. I feel myself changing, and I'm excited by it. I'm grateful for my family and friends who get excited with me over my small but steady accomplishments. My sister (you know who you are) and my mother are like cheerleaders for me.

In other news, I won a cookbook giveaway from food blog Annie's Eats. Oh yeah. JUST what I need. More cookbooks. :) Also, my car, a 91 Subary Legacy, died a month ago, and over the weekend, I got a KILLER deal on an 03 VW Jetta. Way younger than the Subaru, and way zippier. I should get the title from the bank in a couple of days, and then it will be all mine!

Also, I go to church with Philistines. I talked to a girl who was arranging a church dinner. She was having girls sign up to prepare lasagna (ewww) for the dinner. Or so I thought. No no, she was having them sign up to bake FROZEN lasagna (AAAHHHH!!!!!). So, I mentioned that I'd be interested in preparing a white lasagna. I made it simple to understand. I want to make the crimini mushroom and bechamel sauce lasagna from the Smitten Kitchen food blog. Yeah. So. This girl said that she wasn't sure about that and that she'd have to ask if that was okay.
Ha. Like that's going to happen. I am making what I want to make. I do NOT eat frozen food products. And I HATE red lasagna. My bet is that mine is the first to go. By a long shot. Apparently, last month, they had chili from a can for this dinner. I don't think so. At least my old ward had a chili cook-off. Which I won, by the way. Because I am awesome at cooking stuff.


  1. She'd have to "ask if that was okay"? WTF? Is actual cooking not allowed? IMO if you are cooking for others, frozen/canned food is strictly forbidden. What is wrong with these people?

  2. I blame the culture. The culture is what is wrong with these people. Sigh...

  3. I remember that Smitten Kitchen recipe (can't wait for her cook book) - it looks fabulous and you should make it. Forget the stupidheads in your ward.

    Keep up the good work with the running schedule - I need to get an iPod so I can join you, must get in shape before the next baby.

  4. You are so impressive. I'm thinking about following your lead with the Couch to 5k program... I've got to do *something*. My neighborhood so does not inspire me to run around it though. Train tracks, not so inspiring. :-p

    PS. I'll find any excuse, right? Must cut it out.

  5. Cynthia: I LOVE Smitten Kitchen. :)

    Sarah: The C25K is awesome. There's even a support page on FB where people go and post their progress and questions and everyone supports each other. My neighborhood isn't that inspiring, either. I run in a cemetery.... :)

  6. i suppose a cemetery could be inspiring. you know, run so you don't die or something. :-) why is it that the all "pretty" places to run in provo are cemeteries?

  7. Also, when the running gets hard, I look up at the mountains. It takes my mind off of the running. It helps. :)