Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Adventures.

Week 6 Day 2 today - my last day of interval training. From here on out, it is all jogging, no walking. My run today was fine. Not great, but better than the last two I've had, which have been quite rough. I read online that weeks 1-5 are about beating your body and weeks 6-9 are about beating your mind. I believe it. There wasn't any good reason for today to have been hard. I was properly bundles, I wasn't running on snow or ice, and I've totally already done it before. 10 minutes? Of COURSE I can jog for 10 minutes. During my second 10 minute jog, the podcast guy said I had 5 mins left when I really thought I had two minutes left. I was not so happy. Still, I did it, and that is reason to smile. Friday is 25 minutes nonstop. It should be fine. Mind over matter. In my case, lots of matter. ;)
Hey, I've already come so far. 5 weeks ago, jogging for a minute was hard. Now, I don't even think about how long I've been going until 5 minutes or more have passed. I'm not getting uncomfortable until 8 minutes have passed. I'm hitting at least 2 miles each day, and it's going to keep getting better and easier.

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