Friday, February 4, 2011

I know you're all dying to know....

I did it! It was a rough day, but I did it! I hurt my knee a bit during cross training, so I really wasn't sure if I could make it through. Still, I strapped on a knee band and decided to give it a go. My knee was aching during the warm-up walk, and so I was envisioning turning around or re-doing an easier day. Once I got going, my knee pretty much stopped hurting, but I was having a really hard time finding a good rhythm. Grr. I made it past the first 5 minutes and didn't feel ready to stop, and then 8 minutes... and then, I thought, I'll go 10 minutes, walk for 1, and then pick it up again. Instead, I kept going. Hey, I said to myself, you're halfway through doing this for real. By the time I was tired enough to consider stopping, I had 7 minutes left. What's 7 minutes, I asked myself? I've just done 13! I can TOTALLY keep going! At some point, I started to give myself pep talks out loud in order to stay motivated. You can do this. You are NOT going to stop with 3 minutes left. Do you want to be that person? GO! And I did it. It was really slow-going because of my knee and bad rhythm issues. I didn't make it farther than I did on Days 1 or 2, but I kept myself going.
When I got to 15 minutes, I started smiling. I'm really doing this, I said to myself. Oh my lord, I'm really doing it!
And I did. :D
Next stop, Week 6! Only three more weeks until I graduate from the program! Now I shall go ice my knee.

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