Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A note on the Bucket Bath.

So, in my house, there are 2 bedrooms let out to students, each with 2 inhabitants, and each with its own bathroom. One bedroom is small, but airy, with a shower. The other is large and sunny, and has what LOOKS like a shower. Guess which room I'm in?

I thought that we were just missing a shower curtain, but I soon learned that the shower head didn't work. Also, there isn't really a full wall, so it's clearly not a tub. So what could it be?

I started looking around, and as I did so, a picture began to form. In the bathing area was a plastic tub, a bucket, a pitcher, and a stool. Oh yeah. YOU put the pieces together.

Also, the temperature is the same no matter which faucet you turn on. There is also no predicting what the temperature will be. Sometimes it's quite warm. Sometimes it is almost cool. ALMOST. It is in general so hot in the bathroom that my shampoo is warm when it comes out of my pump bottle. I'm not sure yet if I like it. Right now, it kinda creeps me out.

Anyway, these are the joys of the bucket bath. Well, AND dodging the lizards that like to frolic in the bathroom.

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