Monday, June 7, 2010

Back for 2 short days.

I'm back in Utah, but only until early Wednesday morning. My flight to DC is at 6am, which I think is particularly cruel. I have a lot to do between now and then and haven't slept in a week. Of course.
Anyway, Germany was great - very European and picturesque. I visited Wetzlar, Marburg and Frankfurt. Spain was hot and typically Mediterranean. We had day trips to Rota, Cadiz, Granada, and Gibraltar. I'm posting photo albums on FB. Well, trying to, at any rate. An error keeps occurring, so I'll have to futz with that later on. I also have to redo my medical information form, as the a-hole who filled it out failed to mention one important detail: he was not actually qualified to fill it out. Awesome.
My niece is so stinkin cute! She smiles and giggles all day. I already miss her so much.
Also - I have a tan. How very unexpected. Four days in Spain and I've taken on a golden hue. Here's the thing: I do not tan. I burn. Boy, do I burn. If they gave awards for burn-ability, I would be right at the top of that list. I'm really not sure how it happened - I wore sunscreen, a hat, a scarf and sunglasses - seriously. Still, better than being a lobster, I suppose. Maybe I won't burn so badly when I get to India. Which will be Saturday. Yeesh!

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