Sunday, June 27, 2010

Concerning Breakfast and Bargaining.

Bargaining starts first thing in the morning around here. When Aunti-ji rings the bell for breakfast, you have to put your game face on. She is a serious roti-pusher. That woman will have you eating 4 normal-sized helpings and then 2 full desserts. And she's so crafty at it. She will ask you the same question 4 or 5 times, hoping to catch you off guard and get you to agree to more food. She will make a deal with you: take half. Only half. She will pout and make silly faces. She will guilt you into eating her out of house and home.

She rather reminds me of the rickshaw drivers, actually. 150 rupees. Absolutely not! I NEVER pay that much to be driven across town (about 3 dollars). No more than 60. Okay, he says: 100 rupees. No, I say. Did you not hear me? I won't pay that high a cost. I could maybe go up to 70, but you're really pushing me here.

And so it goes until you end up somewhere in the middle. This is very similar to every meal in my house. Lunches are served at the institute where I take my classes and is self-serve, for which I am grateful.

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