Monday, November 23, 2009

HP is trying to kill me.

So, you'll remember that two weeks ago, I called HP to request a box so that I could ship my computer in to their repair center. Here's how it went:

Nov 7. Initial contact. Extended warantee verified. Address changed. Box shipped to me.
Nov 13. No box delivered. Called HP back. No box sent. Wrong address on shipment. New box ordered. Promised delivered by Nov 17.
Nov 17. Box delivered to correct house. No return shipping label. Called HP. New label ordered. Promised delivery by Nov 20.
Nov 20. No label delivered. Called HP. Was informed that label delivered on Nov 17. Obviously not. Informed agent that label ORDERED on Nov 17. No new label had been ordered. Was informed that rather than waiting for new label, should take Lappy to Best Buy, as they could ship it for me without a label.
30 minutes later: At Best Buy WITH Lappy. Called HP. New agent informs me that Best Buy requires a shipping label in order to ship the box for me. I was given bad information, and I would have to wait for a new label to come in the mail. Threw tantrum in Best Buy. Got agent to agree to overnight new label to house. Guaranteed that it will arrive Nov. 21.
Nov 21. No label delivered. Called HP. New agent wonders why anyone would try to mail a label to me, and claims that normally, labels are emailed. Assured me I will be able to print out my own label and drop off the box with FedEx. Promises delivery of said emailed label within 16 hours. Will definitely have it by Nov 22.
Nov 22. No label emailed. Called HP. New agent wonders why last agent would offer to email label to me. Says that they don't do that. Was given bad information. Claims that the label which was guaranteed delivery on Nov 21 would actually be delivered on Nov 23.

I have threatened them with filing a complaint. I have suggested that they are perhaps dragging their feet, so that they don't have to fix my computer, as the warrantee expires in 7 days. Have also emailed HP headquarters with the details listed above and a list of the names of all of the agents with whom I have spoken regarding this matter. I have spoken to 8 different agents and at least 2 supervisors. My computer is still broken and sitting in a box in my living room awaiting shipment. It's been WEEKS!


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