Thursday, October 29, 2009


I hate my program right now. Haaate. I hate how the politics work. Here's what's pissing me off today:
The University mandates that grad student get paid a certain dollar amount for our work as teaching assistants. Undergraduates get paid a third less. In this financial crunch, in order to get to HAVE TAs, certain professors are hiring undergrads because the department is not willing to pay for grad students.
Undergrads teaching undergrads. GREAT idea.
In REAL programs, intro classes are taught by grad students anyway, but NO, not here. So, nobody will hire grad students because we cost too much (which we don't control), so undergrads are getting the jobs which are intended for grad students. We are also not allowed to teach any classes, so there are just no jobs left for us.
Assholes. I'm mad at the department for being cheap. I'm mad at the undergrads for getting hired for our jobs. I'm mad at the professors for choosing undergrads over grads. I'm fucking pissed. They love their undergrads and the play favorites; meanwhile, the grad students don't get work, and therefore don't get necessary experience. We truly are the red-headed bastard step-children of BYU.
Undergrads get job after job after job. Meanwhile, I've been TAing 2 courses for the price of one for a whole year, getting screwed with my pants on by the department because I need work.

Grad students ought to be the offered TA jobs first. Period. We're the ones going on to pursue PhDs and eventually work as professors (probably). We need the work and we need the experience. If there are no grad students willing or qualified to TA a course, it should THEN be offered to undergrads.

I hate my department. I hate Utah. I hate BYU. HAAAATE.

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