Monday, October 5, 2009


I'm as bad at blogging as I am at journalling. Still, I'm starting afresh. I've had and dropped two blogs so far: and

Yup. I'm bad at blogging. I dropped the first one because I was starting a new part of my life, and I had a blog-stalker: an ex that couldn't understand that I didn't want him reading my blog and I DEFINITELY didn't want him commenting on it. Stupid stalkers.

I seem to have dropped the second one because it was supposed to be an anonymous festering pool of guilt-free snarkiness, but everyone kept asking me if I blogged, and I kept giving out addresses, and, well, there's a lot I can't really say on it any more. So, I'm giving up on the author-free snark-blog. Back to regular blogging. Plus, I've decided that I like this website more than livejournal, and so here I am again, starting another new journal.


So, for an update:
I'm in a never-ending MA program in Linguistics at BYU. It wouldn't be so never-ending if I could get around to writing a thesis. I've done all of the coursework, and have been through three different thesis topics. Go me.
If I ever manage to finish this degree, I hope to pursue a PhD in Linguistics with an emphasis on language and the law, also called Forensic Linguistics.

I just finished organizing and running a Linguistics conference, for the Linuistic Association of the Southwest. It was busy and crazy and awesome. I love being overly busy and on the edge of going crazy...not really sure why, but I'm pretty sure the stress'll kill me one of these days.

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