Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pet Peeve #5487

Church book club.  The Relief Society ladies want to start a book club.  I'm not adverse to this idea, but I am wary.  I have no desire to read insipid church fiction or to spend my spare time reading the works of the GAs.  Yes, I admit it: I'm kind of a crappy Mormon.  I also hate casseroles, jello, and Mormon punch.

So, book club.  The ladies are organizing a first meeting, where a book will be chosen and tasteless treats will be served.  I both love and hate making treats for church things.  I love showing everyone else up with my awesome baking skills.  I hate being so much of a snob that my food is the only food I'll eat.  It's one of the injustices of life to be the only person with cooking skills within a 50-mile radius.  Everyone wants my recipes.  No.  If I give them to you, they won't be special anymore, and invariably you will bring MY DISH to an event that I am also attending, and then take full credit for its brilliance. Nope.  No can-do.  I will continue to be a stingy bitch.

But that isn't the pet peeve I'm meaning to write about.  Granted, that is one of them, but it's not the focus of this post.

The ladies are chatting on Facebook, decided where and when to meet, etc.  And then one lady asks if she can bring her 3 KIDS who are "pretty well behaved."  What the fuck.  I've been here long enough to know that "pretty well behaved" actually means demon monster.  Can we not have ONE effing activity for the freakin' grown-ups in the room?  ONE?!?!?

Dear Utah: Children do not belong everywhere.  It is not appropriate to take them to late-night movies.  Also, sometimes adults what to spend time with other adults.  Get a freakin' baby sitter.  Or, here's an idea..., give your kids to your GD husband for the night.  But don't inflict your 3 demon monsters on a room full of women trying to get away from THEIR kids for the night.


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