Sunday, July 8, 2012


I graduated. :D

I'm trying to keep my head above water with a series of part-time jobs while decided what to do for my future.  I'm confided that I'll go for a PhD.  I was initially planning on a PhD in Linguistics, but now I'm seriously considering Speech-Language Pathology.  There's a job market there, you know?

Whatcha think?


  1. REally!? SLP? that'd be awesome. i actually STARTED my very first undergrad WAAAAYYYY back in the day in SLP. Your linguistic background will knock their socks off....but it is a good transition. I think you'd like it. ....though you MIGHT be a little bit like me and have a hard time if the program you join has an aversion to ASL and its possibilities...relying more heavily on cochlear implants. just sayin.

    congrats on the graduation!!! jealous.

  2. Yup. SLP. I actually don't know much ASL, but was thinking I could take classes while I'm enrolled or in the coming year while I'm applying, etc. It would be helpful down the road...
    Right now I'm researching programs - research foci, faculty, facilities, funding... a lot of Fs, apparently. :)

    Plus, I'd really like to be employable when this is all over. I don't want to end up as an Adjunct forever, with no benefits or job security.