Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Concerning Monsoon

So, Saturday monsoon hit in full force. On a 3 minute walk from a tailor to my house, I got drenched. Of course, my shirt was white. Well thought-out, there. Well done. Anyway, before I reached the house my clothing was see-through and I was wading through 2 inches of water on the streets. I got home dripping wet, ran upstairs, hung my clothes to dry, and took a bucket bath. Then I flopped on my bed to do some light reading and roommate went in to take a bath.

30 minutes later, Kerna opened my door with a shocked look on her face. I looked at her, then looked down. The bottoms of her pants were up around her knees and she was standing in ANOTHER 2 inches of water. In the hallway. Looking around my room, I realized that it was flooded. The whole upstairs of the house was flooded. Water was rushing in from the balcony because the drains were clogged. Kerna noticed because in addition to filling the bedrooms with water, the crazy stuff was also rushing down the stairs and flooding the first floor. Oh Jeez.

Kerna, Roommate and I spend the better part of an hour scraping water out of the bedrooms into the hallway, and then back onto the balcony so that it could all run out the newly unclogged drains.

I will admit that of all the things I envisioned happening while I was in India, de-flooding my 2nd story bedroom was not anticipated.

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