Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ya give a little, ya get a little.

Well, after trying to work out the airfare thing, I've decided that it's just not possible. I have a timing conflict with my two planned trips: I'm meant to be coming home from one on the same day that I MUST start the other. I called the trip planning people to see about changing my return flight from Germany so that I have a few days before I have to leave for India. No such luck. It can not be done without wiping out my whole bank account and then some. Oh well. So, I am backing out of that trip and just going to India. I will miss presenting at the conference, but my name will still be on the research and the paper. I won't see Austria, Germany, Spain, or France. I will see India for 10 glorious weeks. I won't see my niece. That's the killer for me. Everyone else in the family will meet her in July when her parents are bringing her stateside. Not me. :( I will be about as far away on the globe as it is possible to get. Almost.

I'm sad that it can't work both ways. No one gets to have it all, though, right? India is an amazing opportunity and I would be incredibly stupid to pass it up. The only thing I'm really losing is snuggle time with Isobel. Steep price, but an opportunity like 10 weeks in India for free doesn't come around every day.

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