Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scamming Update.

I got an irate email from my scammer this morning demanding that I wire the $ today or face legal recourse. Sure. Whatever.
See, I had already sent the emails from "paypal" onto the real Paypal fraud detection department. They confirmed my suspicions. Phishing. Go me. Screw you scammers and your stupid fake emails with atrocious grammar. I am not that dumb. I am not dumb enough to wire $500 of my own cash to a "pickup agent" with an address in London. I don't think so. Not that dumb.
I also filled out a form with the FBI fraud service, giving them all 3 email addresses that were used, the name and address of the "pickup agent", etc. I feel righteous, in an annoying way. I hope they catch you. That is all.
In the meantime, still trying to sell the car. ::sigh::

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  1. Absolutely righteous. Not annoying. Go you. Get 'em.