Friday, April 2, 2010

Warning: TMI!

I'm out of birth control. I have this family friend (a midwife) who has been supplying me with fabulous birth control for two years. Now I'm out, and I didn't really feel good asking for more free hormone-swag, so this morning I went to the health center. Ugh.
The health center here requires a pelvic exam for birth control consultations. Plus, I'm 27, almost 28, and have only had 1 pap smear. Ugh. I really just went in for a discussion of birth control options and a new prescription. Easy, right? Nooooooo! As unprepared as I was, I was instructed to strip down and spread'em. THEN, doctor-lady used uncomfortably large tools. Oww.
At the end of it, though, I have new birth control - Jolessa, the generic for Seasonique (my old one). This new one is only $60/3 months, rather than $140/3 months. I can handle that. I have to go back for blood tests, but those are a lot less uncomfortable than pelvic exams.

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