Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Victim Blaming in Provo.

I got into a bit of an altercation on my way to school today. I was driving down the road, and was cut off my a douche in an Acura. I tooted my horn at him because I'm from the east and we do that there, and because I seriously almost hit him and I have no airbags in my very old car. To this, the driver of the Acura slowed down to a near stop in the road. Seriously. He was crawling. Just to piss me off. When it was safe, I went around him, flipped him a quick bird, and continued on my way. He sped up and started tailgating me...and FOLLOWING ME!! Rather than parking in the lot like I had planned, I left the lot and started taking multiple turns, trying to get rid of said douche. He kept following me. After a few minutes of erratic driving, I was stopped at a traffic light. He pulled up beside me and started verbally harassing me. I told him that I was calling the cops, and then he sped off.
I did call the cops. His assessment? I escalated the situation. I was being an aggressive driver and I brought it on myself. Seriously. So, warning, ladies: it's apparently acceptable for men to chase you down with their cars and verbally assault you. Just like when you wear a low-cut shirt, you're asking to be raped. Geniuses.

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