Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bra Color Postings.

So, as we've all heard and read by now, there was a thing going around on FB for women to post their bra colors for Breast Cancer awareness. Many people are up in arms over this. To these people I will say this: get off your damn high horse. So no money is being raised. So what?
I haven't lost a family member to breast cancer and so I don't think about it every day. So yeah, maybe taking 5 effing seconds to think about my bra color will get me thinking about my own breast health. What the hell is wrong with that? I have boobs. I have pretty bras. If I don't take care of my boobs, if I don't get regular examinations, I could lose one or both of them. I won't have my boobs anymore, and won't be wearing my pretty bras. Yeah. thinking about my bra color got me thinking about my boobs, which I think was kinda the point. It reminded me that I'm overdue for an exam.
The email I got didn't say anything about tricking boys or anything retarded like that. That was stupid, granted. But you know what? I was happy to see that my friends and family members were taking 5 seconds to think about breast health. So it's not going to change the world. That wasn't really the point. We can't all change the world and we don't all have the resources to make grand statements and gestures. We can all take a few minutes to think about our own health.
Get off your soapbox. Nobody got hurt. Get over it.

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