Sunday, May 5, 2013

First Steps

It's been 4 busy days since my offer of a place and SOAS, University of London. A busy 4 days. Technically, my offer f a place in their program was a Conditional Offer, meaning I have to take care of a few things before I get an awesome Unconditional Offer.

As a condition of my admission, I have to send SOAS some documents. As part of my application, I had to send them pdfs of my transcripts and diplomas (seriously). And now I've been admitted, they want certified copies of my transcript and diploma from BYU, and a certified statement from the registrar confirming my degree and GPA. It all seems rather redundant to me, but whatever. I went to the records department on Friday and ordered all of that junk to be sent to SOAS so that they can issue me an Unconditional Offer.

Once I have that, I can apply for a CAS number (whatever that is), and then after I have that, I can apply for a student visa. Which will be quite expensive. Oh well. Anyway, I can't apply for that until it's 3 months before my arrival date, and currently it's 4, so I have some time to sort out the rest.

Four months. Geez. Given everything else aligning, in four months, I'll be moving (MOVING!) to London for 3 years. I am in shock. It has absolutely not sunk in yet. I'm scared and excited and overwhelmed. And even though I'm halfway certain that the school uploaded the wrong letter to my account by mistake, I'm taking steps.

I have so much to do. I've started organizing my things. Today, I packed a suitcase with all of my family heirlooms and sent it off with a friend who is going to get it to the east coast for me, so those things can be safe with a family member while I'm gone. I'm going to store a few suitcases of things I don't want to part with - I'm getting them to one of my sisters.

Everything else? I'm selling. My kitties? Also going to family. My bestie/pseudo-sister Noel is going to take care of Harold, my poor neurotic nutcase. She's the only other person that he tolerates, and she is kindly willing to adopt him while I'm gone. Kallista, I don't have a solid plan for yet. I'll figure it out. One of the many things I need to figure out.

But in about 4 months, I'll be moving on, finally getting out of Utah, and going to London, to my dream program, and I'll spend 3 glorious (an no doubt hard) years engrossed in my awesome research. Next time, I'll write about the program and why it's so amazingly perfect. :)

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  1. I'm so freakin excited for you...there are no words.