Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wrong number?

So I'm sitting at one of my jobs tonight, in my quiet, little office. Since I'm working the 5pm-10pm shift, I didn't expect any phone calls.

But the phone did ring.

I answered the call with my usual officey introduction, but I don't think the caller caught it. In fact, I'm quite certain that the caller didn't intend to call my office at all. I think she meant to call an acquaintance, as she began asking me questions about how to pressure cook raw chicken.

I was taken aback at first, and waited for the caller to realize her mistake, but she just waited on the other end of the line, patiently awaiting answers about pressure cookers, lids, and elevation.

So I googled the information for her. And then she started asking how I can - for instance, how long I boil the lids. It's a good thing my friend Emily taught me to can peaches 2 months ago, or I would not have had answers.

She seemed like a nice lady, and I didn't want to make her feel awkward over what I'm sure was a simple mis-dial, so I went along with it and wished her luck.

Oh Utah. You are SO strange.

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