Saturday, May 21, 2011

I was not translated. Sad.

Well, it's after 6pm on May 21, 2011 and I have not been taken up with the righteous. No surprise there, let's admit it. ;)

Well, last weekend I went up to Boise with Xan and spent some quality time with my pseudo-family. ::aside:: I once walked into a conversation about whether something should be deemed pseudo or quasi. I, extreme nerd that I am, informed them that the words mean entirely the same thing, and that one is derived from Latin and the other from Greek. It's amazing how people don't appreciate it when I try to help them not sound stupid. Hmmm. Anyways, being a Hellenist, my preferences tends towards pseudo. So on Saturday Xan's parents drove us out to Idaho Falls. Interestingly, we were not there to see Idaho Falls, but rather Shoshone Falls. They were beautiful. After the falls, we went to a sushi lunch, which was super yummy, and then we went to another place called the Devil's Washbowl.

This is Shoshone Falls. :)

On Sunday, all of the ladies in the family went to see WICKED!!! And it was totally awesome. Not like hotdogs. It was fabulous. I will admit, during Defying Gravity, I teared up. It was beautiful and emotional and I loved it. Basically, I love musicals. Unabashedly.

The week was pretty boring. I edited sound files and tried to learn praat. I mostly failed, but I'm still trying. Today I took part in the 5k mentioned previously. I didn't have a great showing, but it wasn't terrible and also wasn't totally my fault. About 1/2 mile from the end, I fell, spectacularly. I have a skinned leg, two skinned palms, and a sore forearm. Oh well. The worst bit was that when I fell, I was about 10 feet past a group of guy spectators. Did anyone offer to help me up or ask if I was okay? Nope. It's no wonder I'm unmarried. I'm just saying. Anyways, I was 5th in my division! :) Not high enough for a medal, but maybe next time. I was thinking that next year I'd try for the full triathlon. What do you think? It's a women-only event, and everyone yells supportive things to each other as they go. It's pretty cool. AND, there was a local chiropractor there giving free adjustments. He could tell that I spend my days hunched at a computer. I also got a coupon for 3 free yoga classes. AND the race shirt was a tech shirt! And I got a necklace that says "runner." Sweet. Awesome swag at this event.

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  1. I heart the falls.
    I heart Wicked.
    I double heart Defying Gravity (totally lost it myself more than once).
    I infinity heart you and Xa, and our extensive ne'er-ending nerdiness. Love it.